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Canadian Beats

The lead single, “It Really Isn’t Just About Me,” is a jangly roots throwback that explores a mental shift to understand that the world is not all about yourself. To break the song out of its traditional roots mold, Lemelin adds a unique spoken word element that his son, Ray Hyphen, contributed that connects the listener to the song’s narrator. Lemelin has been a touring and performing guitarist for a variety of artists...



Playing the whole album as they did way back in history, where four guys set up in a circle, put up a few mics and just let the songs tell their story. Up close and personal, Dark/Out of Phase is a work of the heart about love and life lost and starting over,” says Lemelin about the album, which includes Tim Williams on six different stringed instruments, Howard Schmenge Chapman on accordion and Bob Richardson on bass.


The Sound Cafe

There are some things in music that all the technological advancements can’t recreate. And live recording an entire album is something from the past that Calgary roots artist Ray Lemelin embraced on his new release Dark/Out of Phase.


Lemelin’s new album is a laidback exploration of love and life lost through smooth trailing acoustic guitar backed by accordion, banjo, and mandolin. 



Ray Lemelin was born and raised in the eastern townships of Quebec and now lives in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. As a young adult, Ray was inspired by musicians such as Willie Dixon and Clarence Gatemouth Brown to pick up a Stratocaster and play the blues.


Over the decades, Ray has performed with Jimmy Payne, Tim Williams, Ron Casat, Amos Garrett, Rusty Reed, Back-alley John, Johnny V, Harp Dog Brown and now plays with The Matinee Kings. Ray’s most recent album, Dark/Out of Phase released in 2023, was nominated for best Blues Album of the Year and Ray was granted guitar player of the year by the CBMA Blues Awards in 2013.


Brother Ray Lemelin and The Matinee Kings currently host a weekly Sunday night Jam at The Blues Can in Calgary, Alberta Canada.


  • Every Sunday from 8pm-12pm
  • Blues Can Calgary (1429 9th Avenue SE)


01 Any Ol_ TimeRay Lemelin
00:00 / 07:09
02 Gust Of WindRay Lemelin
00:00 / 07:13
03 Little BoyRay Lemelin
00:00 / 08:06
04 Grandma_s HandsRay Lemelin
00:00 / 04:55
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